Edward Muller's Biography

Edward Muller is a programmer who lives and works in Vancouver, Washington along with his wife, Dr. Tera Rich, and a pride of five cats. He got interested in writing at age five when his Aunt Anne transcribed one of his spoken stories and showed him what his words looked like on paper. In his early teens he started watching Star Trek and soon migrated to reading Sir Arthur Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Larry Niven. His first published work was the short story Charity's Case in the Autumn 2000 edition of Artemis Magazine. Since then he has been published in several magazines includingAnalog.

Ed is also known for having invented the Antimatter Calculator.

More information is available on his website www.EdwardMuller.com

Edward Muller's Bibliography

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Title Publishing History
Prizes All Possible Worlds  March 2007
Edges Flashing Swords  Issue 4, Fall 2005
Gun Control Analog - Science fiction and fact  November 2004
The First Lesson Analog - Science fiction and fact  September 2003
Birthright Artemis - Science and fiction for a space-faring age Summer 2002
Charity's Case Artemis - Science and fiction for a space-faring age Autumn 2000