The Antimatter Calculator

Ensign Garrovick: "Just think, Captain. Less than one ounce of antimatter here, it's more powerful than ten thousand cobalt bombs."

Captain Kirk: "Let's hope it's as powerful as man will ever get."

The truth about the destructive potential of antimatter is considerably less dramatic. One ounce of antimatter equates to 1.22 megatons, which is comparable to a single modern day H-bomb. In order to help prevent such mistakes from occurring in the future, I present the anti-matter caculator. Just plug in the amount of antimatter you're thinking of using and the calculator will return just how much destructive force it contains.

Step 1. Indicate the unit of measure
Step 2. Enter the amount of antimatter here:
Step 3. Hit the compute button
Step 4. Behold the results below: